[fa icon="plus-square"] How will ForeverCar help us sell more service contracts?
Now you can do more for your customers while growing your business, earning more money and moving more inventory.
Whether your F&I capabilities are stellar or in need of improvement, ForeverCar can help. With ForeverCar, your customers can shop for the right vehicle service plan using an all-digital platform, immediately comparing prices and features for just the right fit.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How will vehicle service contracts help increase service visits?

With ForeverCar you can move more inventory and bring more customers back to your service bays.



[fa icon="plus-square"] Why will ForeverCar help us increase customer lifetime value?

Your staff can guide prospects and customers to a quality plan that offers protection and peace of mind. That will burnish your brand, build long-lasting relationships and elevate your offerings.

What’s more, offering ForeverCar vehicle service plans will become an important point of distinction when people shop your competitors. So, you can create differentiation from your peers—and gain customers that might have gone elsewhere.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How will ForeverCar add to our bottom line?
You get 7% commission per contract, after your customer makes their second monthly payment.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How do I get started?

3 contact options: 

Call (312) 614-0784
Email us at dealers@forevercar.com
Fill out the contact form on this website.


Make it a win-win with ForeverCar’s vehicle service contract program.

That’s because offering ForeverCar’s vehicle service contracts puts your dealership in a different league, separating it from the pack and proclaiming that you stand behind the cars you sell. And best of all, your customers don’t have to hassle with car repairs. 

You don’t lift a finger. That’s because we handle everything. And handle it flawlessly.

Go from BOOM to ZOOM with a vehicle service plan from ForeverCar.

How it works

Our program was designed from the ground up with ease in mind. And since we are “digitally born,” we appeal to how your customers prefer to shop and buy nearly everything to manage their lives, including VSCs.

You or your customer simply:

  • Selects the make, model and year of the car,

  • Picks a plan based on coverage needs and price point,

  • Sits back and relax while we coordinate everything.

That last point is key. No one has to deal with any of the hassles of repair. We take care of everything — roadside assistance, tow, rental, paying covered repairs.

Best yet, you get 7% commission per contract, after your customer makes their second monthly payment.

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Be a hero. Without the cape and mask.

Offering vehicle service contracts online can make you the hero to your customers. And that can lead to more referrals, more business and a better bottom line.

You're closer than you think to your first commission check!

See how it works for your dealership.

We look forward to discussing how you can build your brand, earn cash and grow repeat business. For more information, contact dealers@forevercar.com or (312) 614-0784



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